Beard Oils

There is nothing more better than having your man smelling clean & fresh. Hygiene being very important, both in and out of the bedroom as well as being well groomed. But, what about the beards? Men do tend to shaved their heads and I have made mention of grooming their private parts below but they […]

Accutane Medication

Everyone has suffered from Acne at sometime during life. I have also seen that with most males and females, trying over-the-counter medications, is very much a trial and error. Yet, when it has to do with our hormones, unfortunately, extra attention needs to be sought. Although quite a few years ago now, I had been […]


Testosterone is a hormone that handles many physical characteristics to males in particular. This is an important role in sexual reproduction and maintenance of bone and muscle mass. Testosterone levels dropping down very low can affect males in having lower sex drive but more so, left feeling fatigue &/or lethargic. When there is not enough […]

Gynecomastia (Male Breasts)

Gynecomastia is an enlargement of male breasts, usually caused by a hormonal imbalance &/or estrogen hormones in males. The growth and development of male breasts are the same as females until puberty (hormones) start at approximately 12 years of age. Male reproductive organs (testes) begin secreting male hormones (androgens) to stop breast development. A tumour […]

Mens Hair

Although hair is hair, on difference parts of the body, you will find the different textures such as facial, beard, arms, legs, head and pubic hair. It is a well known fact that pubic hair is a lot more coarse that the hair on any other part of the body as well as being curly. […]

Male Acne

There are different stages throughout a persons life, particularly in males where they go through acne and I will go through these here. Teenage Acne or Puberty Acne: Almost all males get acne and this happens due to the oily substance called sebum which clogs pores. They can appear in various places such as your […]