Arthritis Affecting Me?

As we become older and aging and like most medical conditions, we cannot cure. What we can do is improve your quality of living and your life as well as living.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (or a common disease of Arthritis). It’s a chronic systemic inflammatory disease affecting bones. Its these bones that move against each other such as the shoulder, hip, elbow and knees that we call joints. The technical or medical name is a synovial joint.

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As we age, remaining physical and active may be harder as our bodies cannot move as easy as a 21yo can. Learning easier ways to manage pain such as:

* heat packs helping to ease muscle pain
* cold packs can help to reduce inflammation
* swimming /or hydro pool which helps relieve muscle tension

Walking with a pair of rocker shoes such as Skechers/Sketchers can help you to walk with a better balance and ease. These types of shoes help with taking off the added weight placed on your joints such as hips, knees and ankles. Protect your joints with proper shoes.

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Dieting, weight control and food in general do not go well when becoming older. Other medical conditions and/or medications can and do affect your weight also. Although I can suggest a few things, the best person you will need for further help is your Doctor/GP. Another person who may help is also your Pharmacist.

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