Groin Hygiene

Using wipes is a major concern for our environment but not here in Australian but in almost all parts of the World. The products listed are not only friendly and biodegradable to our environment ever where but more so gentle on sensitive skin.

Ultra Sensitive Baby Wipes are ideal for sensitive and eczema prone skin as well as using them to clean your private parts and groin area too. Made from natural vegetable or plant extracts means that they are eco friendly and not using any harsh chemicals.

Another item to mention are Gel Wipes. These are the flushable alternative to Wet Wipes. Again, tested on sensitive skin, friendly to our environment and are up to 300 wipes per bottle.

Skin irritation can become quite painfull, becoming red, itchy and develop pustules.

Some of the common causes are:

  • build up of sweat
  • excess rubbing to the area through excessive exercising or during sex
  • lubricants, condoms or spermicides
  • infection due to not cleaning thoroughly

or in extreme cases:

  • eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis
  • scabies or pubic lice

If you shave or wax, you would be able to somewhat remove this problem. If you are reluctant to shave or wax, another alternative is to trim your pubic hair area?

Tinea is another fungal skin infection. It occurs due to skin contact and which areas are moist or damp. The most common areas are feet, particular between toes, groin and at times, under the breast area.

Something worth noting is to dry yourself properly and all over thoroughly.