Retinol (Vitamin A)

The vitamin A derivative can be effective at treating acne.

What it doesn’t mean because you are using it that you can expect lines and spot to disappear overnight. Most people do!

The long term benefit of using retinal A is a GRADUAL approach to prevent irritation and dryness. It is also more suitable for people with sensitive skin.

But first, some essential information . . .

Retinol is making its way into almost every skincare product, including makeup. Retinol is a product to use at night and NEVER during the day. This is one fact that companies fail to mention.

Tretinoin is a prescription Vitamin A derivative. Tretinoin uses:

  • decreases fine lines
  • evens skin color
  • improves texture
  • tightens pores
  • stimulates blood flow; and
  • collagen production.

There are quite a few people who CANNOT tolerate tretinoin because it can be very irritating and drying.

Retinol is milder and is an over the counter product where as Tretinoin is on prescription only.

While the results may not be as dramatic, most people tolerate it well. Like tretinoin, retinol encourages skin cell turnover. This new skin is delicate, should NOT bare sun exposure and why it is in products intended for night use only.

Another fact with retinol is in products such as cleansers that label “anti-ageing”. It is a waste of money & not on the skin long enough to work.

A good rule of thumb: never buy a product with an SPF number and retinol in its list of ingredients. The two (2) don’t make a good combination.

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