Beard Oils

There is nothing more better than having your man smelling clean & fresh.

Hygiene being very important, both in and out of the bedroom as well as being well groomed. But, what about the beards? Men do tend to shaved their heads and I have made mention of grooming their private parts below but they do tend to want to keep the beard!

So, lets go further on what to look for:

  • Beard Oil is not only good for the facial hair but your skin underneath.
  • Keeping your skin hydrated and smooth skin under your beard, will deter your beard becoming itchy (also known as beard dandruff &/or beardruff).
  • Depending on the beard oil product you choose, you will feel the difference in hair, becoming softer and shiny.
  • Beard Oils, due to essential oils used, will act as a scent, keeping you fresh and clean almost for an entire day rather than your everyday moisturiser.
  • Beard Oil is best used in the mornings, after taking a shower. Only a small amount of beard oil is used depending on the length of hair.
  • If beard hair is particularly long, a beard comb is an essential for easier grooming.
  • Un-oiled beards can become dry, wiry and will look unkempt.

I have chosen a few different suppliers in various countries to offer a board range of products for various skin types. I have also made a mental note to accommodate a budget for everyone is mind so this can cater for everyone.

Melbourne Beard Oil (Australia)

Beard & Blade (Australia) – Will also ship International

Penthaligons (UK) – Will also ship International

The English Shaving Co (UK) – Will also ship International