Mens Hair

Although hair is hair, on difference parts of the body, you will find the different textures such as facial, beard, arms, legs, head and pubic hair.

It is a well known fact that pubic hair is a lot more coarse that the hair on any other part of the body as well as being curly. No matter how much research I have put into this one, no-one is able to give me a definitive answer. I guess testing this out on mice or gorillas will need to be scrapped as the true answer will lie in history itself, cultural background and/or genetics.

Different parts of the body hair grow at different stages throughout a persons cycle. Lets go into this a little bit further and will explain in more depth of the different types of hair.

Lanugo is downy hair on the body of a fetus. It’s the first hair produced by the fetal hair follicles and it usually appears on the fetus at about 5 months of gestation. Lanugo or Downy hair is very fine, soft and usually unpigmented.

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Vellus hair is short, fine and has a slight tinge in colour which develops all over the body during childhood and into puberty. Also, vellas hair and the follicle itself is not connected to the sebaceous gland like terminal hair.

Terminal hair is what grows on the head, face, under arms and pubic region. It is long, thick and pigmented hair than any where else on your body (men in particular). Due to hormones taking place, terminal hair replaces vellus hair. When it develops in puberty/adolescence, it is then called androgenic hair.

Androgenic (or body) hair is terminal hair that develops on the body during and after puberty. It is different from the hair on your hair and less visible vellus hair which are much finer and lighter in color.

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