Welcome to my Home page.

I have created this blog post for men in mind.

As I am very passionate in what product lines I recommend, I have also experienced a lot of questions asked about hygiene in general. This is because of either shaving and waxing although is not limited to this either.

For the boys, teenagers, men and older, no matter what, I am hoping that I am able to cover a wide range to select from as well. If I haven’t covered something, please leave your comments below and I can look into this further.

If you have an interest in waxing any part of your body, you can click on the links below:


On the subject of acne, I have been asked to comment on Acne and Skin and a lot of it comes back to the basics . . . DIET! I have put this website https://petraonline.org together if you have an interest in looking after your skin, although the boys and teenagers in particular may be of interest . . . let The Journey Begin

It is on looking after your insides than out.

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